Brette Robertson


Founder & CEO of Sagicorn Productions.


I am a traveling wedding coordinator and florist. My home base is in Denver, Colorado. But, I serve all of Colorado and the Northwest (my second home).  I love adventures and travel, so why not combine my love of wedding design and adventure!  It truly makes my heart happy to help couples on their special day and make their dreams come true. 


Sagicorn Productions offers wedding planning services for simple yet elegant weddings at an economical rate. In addition, she provides videography and photography services as well. 

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The meaning of Sagicorn:

‘sagi’= sagittarius [adventurous, fun, innovative & passionate] 


‘corn’= capricorn [caring, ambitious, trustworthy & serious]


sagittarius + capricorn = sagicorn 

Image by Camille Brodard

Why I do what I do?

When I was growing up, I would plan themed parties for my friends. I always had an eye for designing and planning. This goes hand and hand with my love of filmmaking. I was coined the Queen of Romantic Comedies at my arts high school, where I studied cinema arts. I have always been a hopeless romantic and lover of love! Soon after, I graduated with a degree in Film Studies from The University of Colorado. I knew I wanted to combine my passions for filmmaking, floral design and wedding design to help capture and create your special day. It really is in my blood to help you make your wedding day magical and become reality.

Sagicorn Productions reflects me personally and how I approach my business. Therefore, Sagicorn will be reliable, determined and ambitious while re-creating your once-in-a-lifetime moments with one-of-kind creativity, generosity and care. Sagicorn Productions will appeal to your lust for life and adventures to capture your serious, beautiful moments and events.

I will work with you closely to ensure that your special day is everything you wanted. Take a look at the list of the prices I offer, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact me directly! I will do everything I can to find the perfect package for your special day.

This short film below is where my love of love stories began. I created The Note Junior year of high school at The Denver School of Arts in the year 2012. I hope you enjoy this blast from the past. 

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shannon + ryan.jpeg

PC by NickRaz Photography

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