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Weddings are one of the most wonderful celebrations that you can have, but they also can come with quite the price tag. One way to still have a lovely wedding, but not drain your bank account, is by being thrifty. Thrift weddings are ideal for those of us who love to DIY, which as we all know, can be a huge money saver! Goodwill is one great place to shop for shoes, jewelry, dishes, linens and antiques, which could all be used towards your wedding. I also suggest shopping at Amazon for some of those things as well; plastic dishware and silverware is nice and cheap, and can be cleaned up easily. If you’re more worried about the price of the wedding dress, then no sweat, local boutiques as well as online shops like Saved By The Dress, can be great places to look for beautiful white dresses, without the expensive price tag. There’s so much you can do to still have the wedding of your dreams, but not be drowning in debt afterward!


If you’re looking to have a thrifty wedding up near the Eugene, OR area, and are in need of a brilliant photographer as well as videographer, look no further than Sagicorn Productions out of Portland! Sagicorn is awesome because Brette Robertson is a gal who genuinely cares deeply for all her clients, and makes sure that they get only the best photos and video shots at a most reasonable price. She’ll absolutely make sure that you are well taken care of, and that all of your needs are met with grace and a smile.


Another great idea for having a thrifty wedding in Eugene is having donuts for dessert instead of a traditional wedding cake, as donuts are much more affordable, and are definitely vogue in this part of Oregon. Donuts are both fun to eat, and can be arranged in countless ways; you could even buy a tiered plate and arrange the donuts in a tasteful and beautiful way to resemble a wedding cake! One great place to get donuts for all of your guests to enjoy is Benny’s Donuts up in Corvallis. Benny’s is always baking up fresh donuts in a large variety of delicious flavors, and also offer gluten free and vegan!


Naturally, you can’t have a wedding, even a hipster one, without flowers! And what better place to go in Oregon than Penguin Flowers! Penguin Flowers is also located in Corvallis, OR and offer the most beautiful fresh bouquets for the blushing bride at a practical price. They offer many different kinds and arrangements of flowers, so you should have virtually no issue in finding what you need for your hip and thrifty wedding! Penguin Flowers will not only leave you feeling impressed, but happy that you chose them for your special day.


Thrifty weddings are the hip thing to do up in the Eugene, OR area, and trust me when I say, you won’t be disappointed with choosing to go with these businesses, as they will make your day truly special!

Written by

Kelli Holum Moore

All you need is love and donuts...

The Mrs


The Groom


Love doesn't have to come at a price.








Wedding located in

Eugene, Oregon

•Wedding Flowers - Penguin Flowers located in Corvallis, Oregon.

•Wedding Dessert - Benny's Donuts located in Corvallis, Oregon.

•Wedding Videography/Photography - Sagicorn Productions serving the Portland, Oregon Area.

•Models - Anessa Ward & Shea Suttlemeyer-Giugliano. 

•Jean Jacket Designs by Anessa Ward - Located in Eugene, Oregon. 

•Wedding Decor & Clothing - Good Will in Eugene, Oregon.

•Writing by Kelli Holum Moore - Located in the Greater Area of Denver, Colorado.