"The Note" - a short story

Once Upon a Time on an urban estate lives a clever girl named Chloe who was looking for prince charming. She is an introverted wallflower, who wears red-rimmed glasses and creates her life through her stories. Chloe sits down at her usual table on her campus. Aaron, her love of two years, runs by. He wears his typical running garb and Nikes. Chloe hears the blaring music from his headphones and looks up at him in a dreamy daze. Yet, she always falls for his trap and ends up in disappointment. She falls back into her writing and imagines delusions of her enchanting prince.

The next day, Chloe waits at her table, and notices a pretty wicked witch who is wearing all pink flirting with Aaron. This is when she realized that the wicked witch in all pink wanted a prince charming, too. Later that day, Chloe loses herself in her journal, and looks up to the same booming music coming from Aaron’s headphones. She smiles, as if this is her time, but returns to her writing; when he disappears through the yellow and orange hues of the trees covering the grounds of campus.

As normal, Chloe, cannot stop thinking about her prince charming. She builds the confidence and decides to write him a note. She writes, “a girl wearing red-rimmed glasses quietly admires you.” She runs to Aaron’s typical stretching spot, and sticks the note on the enormous birch tree with her bubble gum. Chloe runs back and sits with anticipation. Time goes by and the note is still tacked up on the tree. She rides away on her blue cruiser bike, realizing what she did was delusional. A gust of wind comes through, and the note takes flight dancing above the buildings and then magically flies to the ground.

The following day, Chloe is lost in her words. Aaron, doing his typical stretching routine, notices and picks up the note. He finds this rather odd, reads the note, and searches for a girl with red glasses. He continues to run down the sidewalk, venturing on a quest to find the red-rimmed girl. He runs into a tiny girl. Obviously, she is another one of his admirers by the constant staring and incoherent nonsense coming out of her mouth. Aaron knew she was not the one, because she was wearing a red ribbon in her hair rather than glasses. He quickly continues on his mission, leaving the tiny girl alone. He runs into another girl, a skinny girl who is 6’5’’. She smiles as she hovers over his slender body. He shakes his head and continues on his way.

After several hours of running, the prince charming stops and catches his breath in the center of a covered area with tall trees enclosing around him. No red glasses to be seen. An old woman sits next to a flowing, graceful river. She feeds pigeons bread crumbs that surround her. She wears a bright red, knit hat over her balding head. Aaron notices her, and as his last resort, asks her if she has seen the mysterious red rimmed girl. “She is the girl you never noticed.” Says the wise old woman. Aaron gives her a confused and slightly judgmental look, and runs away as if she is the strangest person alive. The old woman shakes her head and smiles knowingly.

Aaron runs back to his tree, frustrated that he could not find the girl with red glasses. In the distance, he then catches a glimpse of a girl’s red rimmed glasses. He then runs over to the girl, like he has a very essential duty to be done. Chloe continues to be lost in her journal, she looks down to see someone’s Nikes. She knows that this is her prince and makes a fearful, yet excited smile at him. Aaron questions the note, and she stares at him, blankly. “Is this yours?” Asks the prince. She does not know what to say, as she did not expect him to find it. Aaron’s boyfriend approaches them, taking Aaron away. She sits there, ruminating on what just happened. The note falls to the ground, flying with the wind to a pair of bright red converse. A nerdy, modest stranger sits against a tree, writing in his journal. He does not appear to be the most attractive, with his pimply face and messy clothing. He stops his writing, reads the note, and is confused, because he’s extremely shy with girls.

He, too, builds his confidence and approaches the secretive girl with red-rimmed glasses. Chloe is confused as to how this new face has the note that was intended for her prince charming. However, they both glance at each other’s journals and smile intentionally. “Do you write?” says the nerdy man. Chloe makes an innocent smile and nods her head in a pleasant agreement. A strange connection, fate, whatever you want to call it brought them together. The minute the nerdy man and Chloe met each other, they knew that they would live happily ever after. This surprised Chloe; however, she did not expect her prince charming to be such a nerd. But, fairytales are not always what you expect.

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